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Air Tool Services, Burlington, Ont Angus Irrigation, Dundas, Ont.
Automatic Lubrication Systems, Burlington, Ont. Buddy The Bearded Collie, Burlington, Ont.
Burlington Springs
Golf & Country Club
Canadian Instrumentation Company, Burlington, Ont.
City Chev-Olds, Hamilton, Ont. Clair Ridker, Hamilton, Ont.
Creelman Security Services, Burlington, Ont. Crown Paving Ltd.
Dutch Mill Country Market, Waterdown, Ont. Equirex Leasing, Oakville, Ont.
Flamborough Hills Golf Club, Copetown, Ont. Furlong
Barristers and Solicitors
Gates America Freight Forwarders, Brampton, Ont Gertrude Hawcutt, Hamilton, Ont.
Gordon Piller International, Mississauga, Ont. Groen’s Nursery, Dundas, Ont.
Group Eight Engineering, Hamilton, Ont. Halton Web Design
Milton, Ontario
Honigs Whistle Stop, Hamilton, Ont. IBEW Music, Hamilton, Ont.
J.G.Wilson Machine Limited, Princeton, Ont. Kenney Photographic Productions, Hamilton, Ont
KingKong Records, Hamilton, Ont. Milton Minor Baseball Association
My Perfect Garden North American Sportscards
Pantry Shelf Foods, Mississauga, Ont.   Panes of Glory
Pioneer Industries Inc. - Mississauga   Pyramid Pumps, Burlington, Ont.
Rural and Urban Art Thor Aggregate Equipment, Mississauga, Ont.
Toronto R.V. Centre, Woodbridge, Ont.   Verbinnens Nursery, Dundas, Ont.
Wera Tools Canada, Stoney Creek, Ont. West Hamilton Denture Clinic

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Skylinc Customer Websites

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